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An Experience of a Lifetime at The Amazing AYANA Resort Spa!

The Ayana Resort and Spa is a top-notch tourist destination located above Jimbaran Bay. It is built on 90 hectares of land, 10kms from Bali airport. The pristine beaches and majestic ocean views are an experience of a lifetime.

Guests to The Ayana Resort have full access to any recreation and dining facility. There are 19 bars and restaurants, which include the popular Rock Bar and Kubo Beach Club. 12 magnificent swimming pools and, Spa on the Rocks therapy villas, a spa with an Aquatonic Seawater Therapy pool, complimentary Wi-Fi, a golf course, and a gym.

The Ayana Resort and Spa resort is famous for its spas and therapies, which include:

Spa on The Rocks

This stunning spa is located atop a rock. Bali is known for its ancient healing therapies and massages. The essence of the spa is to create harmony in your whole body. Thermes Marins Bali spa gives you its signature spa therapies that include Ayana Fusion, Hot Shell Massage, Lava Stone Reflexology, and Seven Chakra Dhara.

Ayana Fusion

Herbal pouches with Ayana’s three healing gingers, which are known for their rejuvenating and healing qualities, are steamed and used to relax tense muscles. This paves way for the deep tissue massage, acupressure, and stretches that come soon after.

Lava Stone Reflexology

The Lava Stone Reflexology is a treatment that merges techniques from Europe, China, and Thailand. It begins with a formal footbath, then an invigorating leg massage and curative foot reflexology with lava stones fetched from the mountain. Hands, arms, neck and shoulders massage completes the treatment.

Seven Chakra Dhara

The seven Chakra Dhara is a therapy borrowed from the age-old massage practices of Ayurveda. It is used together with harmonious aromatherapy fusions, gemstone treatment, and chakra sound therapy, which relaxes your whole being, opens up chakras and rejuvenates your spirit.

Spa Thalassotherapy

Ayana  Resort and Spa is among the best luxury hotel in Bali, and Thalassotherapy is described as the utilization of seawater as therapy. It involves the use of seawater, algae, seaweed, and mud for therapeutic purposes. It involves:

  • Aquacise and Ease- Aquacise burns calories, leave you refreshed, and energized. The 60 minutes therapy include a French Manual Affusion Shower, which gives you a body massage while under a shower of warm seawater. Anti-aging sea minerals nourish your skin while stripping you of anxiety, detoxifies, and improves your circulation.
  • The Aquatonic Seawater Therapy pools have 700 million liters of seawater, sourced directly from the Indian Ocean, the warmed to balance the minerals lost. You can easily float in this water and you can easily exercise passing through 12 hydromassage points with more than 60 individual jets, geysers, and microbubbles, which remove tension.

This therapy is known to be good for psoriasis, eczema, back pain, tones muscles, and many other benefits. The best time to do this therapy at sunset or after a flight.

Underwater Massage

This unique type of massage is one that involves moving, stretching, and using localized pressure for muscle flexibility and relaxing of tired muscles

Marine Healing Ritual

This ritual nourishes your skin from scalp to toe using warm water jets, a high concentrate seaweed body wrap, Hawaiian Iomi Iomi massage style, and a facial that invigorates your skin.

Spa Packages

These spa packages make a great honeymoon or anniversary gift for your significant other, or a birthday gift for a friend. A foot wash prepares you for an invigorating body scrub that removes all dead skin. A flower bath and full body massage leave your whole body feeling relaxed.

His and Her Spa Ritual

Surprise your significant other with this decadent gift, specially designed for couples. Botanical components from the spa Ritual Series are used to formulate his and her body masks.

Stress Release

This ritual is 90 minutes long, starting with a body scrub, yogurt splash, and an authentic Balinese massage. After this, lunch at the Spa Café than two hours at the Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool, a facial follows, then to cap it all, Yoga and meditation.


Are you looking for a vacation destination that will offer you the ultimate Spa experience? Why not take a vacation in the Ayana Resort Spa and enjoy the best luxury hotel in Bali?

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